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The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation signed a cooperation agreement in the field of scientific research and innovation with SGS for examination and testing services. The agreement includes the inclusion of the Ministry of SGS’s company among the supporters of the 2021 benefits program and the scientific café for the season (2021-2022), the company is committed under the agreement to host one of the winning teams in the 2020 benefits program under the paid training program for a full year, in addition to transferring knowledge to the team ( Winner) to prepare the project’s technical and financial plan and financially support it, as well as bridging the link between the hosting team, the labor market.

This agreement comes as a translation of SGS’s endeavor to enhance its contribution to the development of local added value in the Sultanate and to support national projects and innovations. Through this agreement, the Ministry seeks to enhance the celebration of the genetic diversity inherent in Omani animals, plants, and microorganisms and to exploit it sustainably and fairly, valuing and emphasizing it As a natural genetic resource, which will lead to social and cultural benefits..

Several companies participating in the Benefits Program 2020 submitted offers to explain their ideas to SGS. Rataq Company won this grant provided the company for one year, starting from December 2020. This grant, in partnership with (Manafa), aims to support the project idea technically and financially and transform it into a commercial investment project that matches commercial projects.. 

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