Research and Development
Research and biotechnology adding value

After extensive research and experimentation, customers can safely add our products to animal diets, which will help in strengthen the immune system and enhancing animal health and performance. Laboratory analysis and field trials have proven the effectiveness of our products in raising the efficiency and the productivity of livestock. We have worked to create a special recipe of nutrients that animal needs, which contain proteins, micronutrients and vitamins. Our products have the ability to increase milk production and raise its nutritional value, improve the body weight of beef cattle and meat quality, improve fiber digestion, and reduce the risk of gastro-intestinal diseases.

International Quality
A special strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been selected to our products, which has special traits and properties suitable to be used as animal feed. All stages of products production are subjected to international standards, and the products checked in more than one laboratory to ensure that the products reach the highest quality levels. The results of field experiments conducted by the research team showed the effectiveness of the products in improving the immune system and raising the efficiency of animal production.